vSAN Operations Guidance

VMware has release last month a new document containing a lot of vSAN best practices. This document provides concise, practical guidance in the day-to-day operations of vSAN-powered clusters. It offers general guidance and recommendations applicable to a large majority of environments. But it must be clear that some requirements are unique to a specific environment, so that may dictate slightly different operational practices.

It includes configurations on the following topics:

  • Cluster
  • Network
  • Storage Devices
  • vSAN Datastore
  • Storage Policy Operations
  • Host and EMM Operations
  • Guest VM Operations
  • Data Services
  • Stretched Clusters
  • 2-Node
  • vCenter Maintenance and Event Handling
  • Upgrade Operations
  • vSAN Capacity Management
  • Monitoring vSAN Health
  • Monitoring vSAN Performance

Finally, take care that often times, new features in vSAN can impact operational recommendations.

Take a look at the document: vSAN Operations Guidance

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