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VMware Flings – Horizon Session Recording

For my first post of 2021, I decided to talk about a very interesting fling, called Horizon Session Recording.

This fling allows administrators of a VMware Horizon environment to record their users activity in their Blast Extreme virtual desktop and application sessions. Recordings are uploaded from the agent devices to the central web service, for central storage and ease of viewing.

The Session Recordings are stored as MP4 files for watching via the web console or downloading to play in a local player.

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New VMware Flings

Horizon Reach is a web based, monitoring and alerting fling for VMware Horizon On Prem deployments. Horizon Reach is designed to tackle the disconnect in Enterprise environments wherein each Pod in a Cloud Pod Architecture is its own technology domain and fault domain, or a customer is running multiple, disconnected pods, outside of a Cloud Pod Architecture, but would still like to treat them all as one unit of compute.

The vCenter Plugin for vRealize Network Insight brings relevant information from Network Insight, directly into vCenter. It allows the virtual infrastructure admins to view networking focused data and statistics in the same interface as where they manage their workloads, without having to have 2 interfaces open. Additionally, this plugin also helps add vCenter as a data source to Network Insight and set up incoming network flows.

  • Summary view of vCenter activity: VMs, vMotions, and snapshots.
  • Bring in network information directly to vCenter, such as:
    • Summary view of how network traffic behaves; how much east-west and how much internet traffic there is.
    • Health check violation for the vCenter and attached NSX environments
    • Network top talkers, grouped by VMs, Cluster, L2 Network, Subnet, Security Group, Source-Destination Pair, Source & Destination Subnet, Source & Destination IPs.
    • Most used networks
    • New Virtual Machines that are accessing the internet
    • o Top 5 Hosts or Networks that are experiencing the most packet loss
  • Links to the vRealize Network Insight interface shows the source data and allows you to look closer, apply filters, export information, and more.
  • Configure vCenter as a data source and configure NetFlow on the available vSphere Distributed Switches.

Horizon Reach
vCenter Plugin for vRealize Network Insight

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